Take your career to the next level

研究生 study will give you the experience and insights you need to excel in the fast-paced workplaces of the future.

Whether you want to shift into a higher career gear or you’re interested in expanding your horizons, 麦考瑞商学院 can deliver your ideal postgraduate experience.

With a rapidly evolving job market, it’s vital that you have the right skills to evolve with it. We’ll help you upskill or reskill so you can take the next career step in your current industry, or move to one that matches your changing interests.


At Macquarie, you can think outside the box and tailor your postgraduate studies to your goals. Our course structures allow you to focus on one key area, explore new areas, or both. 您可以:

  • 结合课程
  • choose to generalise or specialise in an area that interests you
  • get hands-on experience through courses co-created with industry leaders
  • enhance your skills in areas such as problem-solving, decision making and leadership.


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