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We offer flexible solutions through every stage of the innovation and 商业化 process. 我们的目标是达成双赢的交易.

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A novel and disease-modifying approach delivers a mutant neuroserpin molecule that has shown significant protection against glaucoma damage, 包括RGC变性.


DeepSlice被训练来预测输出向量, 对应于艾伦小鼠脑图谱坐标, 从任何染色或成像技术制备的冠状面组织学图像.


采用金刚石拉曼技术, 使用1可以有效地将泵浦光转换为波长更长的输出光, 拉曼介质的2个或更多斯托克斯位移. 例如,a 1.06 μm激光泵浦光束可以有效地转换为1.5 μm输出光束.


High thermal conductivity Raman materials such as diamond can be used to mitigate thermal lensing enabling operation over a very wide power range without compromising output beam quality.


Macquarie公司基于钻石的高能激光(HEL)技术运行时对眼睛更安全.24 μ m,具有top所未有的100千瓦到兆瓦的超高功率潜力. This technology is transformative as beam-conversion in diamond can substantially raise the power barrier.




Our OAM light modulator integrates an ultrahigh capacity OAM-multiplexing metasurface with ultrafast laser-inscribed photonic waveguides, leading to the world’s first all-on-chip OAM light modulator that uses waveguide inputs and outputs to generate and detect OAM modes.


迭代压缩感知到达方向估计(icsDOA) is the most advanced technology to determine the location of origin for radio, 雷达或声纳.


2018058功率放大器 内置热传感器的功率放大器

This electronic real-time monitoring system enables microsecond accurate measurements of the temperature of a transistor.




利用场板技术对GaN FET混频器概念进行了新颖的改进.


A capillary-force-driven methodology enhancing nanoparticle cohesion to improve the electrical conductivity of nanostructured metal-oxide gas sensors.



An alternative method of lamination by directly heating the solar cell for improved efficiency.



一种分层的方法 photovoltaic modules without energy-intensive processes or using toxic chemicals.




Utilising low-cost organic waste streams as feedstocks and simplified infrastructure for biomanufacturing with minimal use of water.


Genetically engineered microbial (yeast or bacterial) synthetic strains which will be utilised for enhanced 聚乙烯降解 and subsequent chemical commodity production (including but without limitation to biofuels, 营养来源和肥料).



Kathryn Sunn,商业化总监

Kathryn于2023年初加入麦考瑞大学,担任董事, 商业化.
Kathryn brings a diverse background in 商业化 combined with broad technical expertise and an extensive network across the scientific, Industry, 商业化和投资者社区.

拥有超过20年的知识产权经验, 知识产权战略, 商业化 and business development acquired from roles in two of Australia’s top tier patent firms and Australia’s two largest Universities, Kathryn has established a track record in maximising impact from strategic partnerships and providing pragmatic, 在知识产权翻译中提供以商业为重点的建议.

凯瑟琳有Medicine背景,主修遗传学, 在加文Medicine研究所获得博士学位.  She is a registered patent and trade mark attorney in Australia and New Zealand and an experienced Board Director, 此top任职于Cicada Innovations董事会, 知识商业化大洋洲(KCA)和几家初创公司, 以及Uniseed的投资委员会.

T: +61 (2) 9850 4127 | M: +61 (0)481 477 412
E: 凯瑟琳

Gorjana Mitic,商业化和创新经理

Gorjana joined Macquarie University as a 商业化与创新 Manager in January 2018. She works closely with researchers in life sciences and medicine to assess innovative technologies and facilitate their translation and 商业化 through strategic partnerships, 授权和Industry合作.

在此角色之top, she was a Business Development Manager at a biotechnology 商业化 consultancy Bio-Link Australia for 4 years. She worked with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies and Medical 研究 Institutes to develop IP and 商业化 strategy, 确保UC8体育官网关系,协商许可协议.  她还全面回顾了监管、竞争和知识产权领域的情况.

Prior to receiving her PhD at the Children’s Cancer Institute from the University of NSW (Faculty of Medicine), Gorjana以一等荣誉获得理学士学位(生物技术). Her PhD thesis investigated new molecular targets in glioblastoma, a devastating brain cancer. 2013年,Gorjana被授予著名的女性癌症研究学者奖. 同时, Gorjana obtained a Diploma of Innovation Management at UNSW focusing on the biotechnology Industry, 商业化, 技术转让和知识产权管理. She served as an active committee member and a UNSW student representative of the AusBiotech Student Association for several years.

她目top是桥梁项目的导师和校友, a government and Industry supported training program for science 商业化 and pharmaceutical drug development.

Gorjana also represents Macquarie University and MQ Health as a member of the Medical 研究 商业化 Fund (MRCF) Investment 研究 Committee.

Gorjana has an extensive Industry network and loves creating opportunities for researchers to collaborate with Industry. 为创新的科学发现和令人信服的数据而激动, Gorjana总是乐于帮助研究人员,并找到实现翻译和影响的方法.

电话: +61 2 9850 4542 |  M: +61 (0)439 094 133

知识产权投资组合经理Bel Coppock

Bel has a diverse background in events, regional marketing, customer service and patent management. Bel负责保持商业化办公室的组织.  She also liaises with Macquarie University's existing pool of inventors and administers royalty payments.

如果你对麦考瑞大学的商业化进程有任何疑问, 请和贝尔谈谈.

电话: +61 2 9850 4598  
电子邮件: 贝琳达

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